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Batch Fryer with De-oiling

The Batch fryer with de-oiling is widely applied to fry many kinds of food, such as potato chip, shrimp stick, string bean etc.


Batch fryer with de-oiling  
Brief decription:

The Batch fryer with de-oiling is widely applied to fry many kinds of food, such as   potato chip, shrimp stick, string bean etc. Its series of actions including fry, de-oil and elevate, adopting PLC concentrative automatic control to make accurate and reliable control, high production efficiency, and saving a lot of manpower resources. Advanced temperature control system and reasonable dasher assure optimal frying result.
This line is composed of fryer, elevating sifter, de-oiling unit and conveyer. All corresponding controlling systems are centralized in the control cabinet. There are two control ways– automatic and manual. Every part works solely when turn to manual way, and the whole frying process proceed automatically under control of the PLC in the cabinet when turn to automatic way.

1.With functions of frying, de-oling, and conveying in compact structure.
2.PLC centrally controls the frying process in high automation.
3.Advanced temperature control device and reasonable stirring device ensure the best frying quality. 
4.Heat supply of diesel or gas burner makes temperature up or down fast with low power consumption in high efficiency.
5.Two control ways, manual and automatic, make operation flexible.

Technical parameters:


     Batch fryer with de-oiling



Driving power


Heating temperature


Frying time





Hot oil boiler


Puff snacks, potato chip stick

Established in 1996, Dayi is one of the leading and professional batch fryer with de-oiling manufacturers in China. With the aid of advanced technology, our factory now brings you quality and precise products at the most competitive price.

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