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Advantages Of Fried Extrusion Food Process Line
Nov 23, 2016

1. Fried extrusion food production line adopts advanced frequency converter speed regulation technology to make powerful, smoother operation, more power;

2. screw adopts steel-nitriding treatment, screw in the longer individual equipment using composite structure of building blocks, according to different needs of any combination;

3. compulsory lubrication system to ensure a drive has a long life span;

4. fully automatic video temperature control system, fried extrusion food process line to enable more intuitive, more accurate temperature control;

5. Fried extrusion food process line screw with self-cleaning function, without removing screw cleaning;

6. screw and aspect ratio to meet the different production processes;

7. double screw extruder for material to adapt to a wide, flexible configuration, product shape, select different models and configurations can produce different products.