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Corn Flake Breakfast Cereal Production
Nov 23, 2016

Corn tablets breakfast grain line to corn powder, and flour, and oats, and buckwheat, variety grain for main raw materials, can strengthened vitamin and the minerals, also can added few of cocoa and sugar copies, added quantitative water mixed uniform, by double screw Rod extrusion machine completed cooking curing, made grain, process, again by pressure tablets, and baking, and spray, process process, can made sweet or salty of brittle Instant Breakfast corn tablets food.

Corn tablets breakfast grain line breakthrough of solution has existing domestic equipment pressure roll stick material, and pressure tablets production and the forming rate low, and products taste poor, difficulties problem; science of production process, can intact of retained grain in the of nutrition components and natural taste; whole article line reasonable match, and can achieved process control, makes you production nutrition, and delicious breakfast corn tablets of while, improve efficiency reduced cost, improve market competitiveness, corn tablets breakfast grain line also can production various shape of breakfast grain food.

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