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Extrusion Technology Of Grain Food And Healthy Development
Nov 23, 2016

Since the 90 's, in the food industry and gradually formed a new type of processed foods – grains puffed food, food experts at home and abroad was hailed as an important innovation for the food industry in the late 20th century and 21st century food industry one of the key development directions.

Grain expanded leisure food is to grain class raw materials corn, and wheat, and rice, and oats, and buckwheat, and rye, and sorghum, root crop raw materials potato, and cassava, fruits class raw materials pumpkin, for raw materials, through extrusion, and seasoning, and baking and into, while due to seasoning Shi can out flavor, and barbecue taste, and beef taste, and chicken juice taste, and fresh shrimp taste, various taste, extrusion Shi can making into various shape, as tablets-like, and pea-like, and article-like, and spherical, makes this class products with same article line can production out dozens of a varieties, It has great potential for development.

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