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For Daily Maintenance Of Twin Screw Extruder In Use
Nov 17, 2018

We all know that the twin screw extruder is composed of several parts such as a transmission device, a feed device, a feed tube, and a screw. The role of each component is similar to that of a single screw extruder. The difference with the single screw extruder is that there are two parallel screws in the twin screw extruder in the same cylinder. The twin screw extruder has many different forms, the main difference is the different screw structure. The screw structure of the twin screw extruder is much more complicated than that of the single screw extruder. This is because the screw of the twin screw extruder also has problems such as rotation direction, engagement degree, and so on.
Daily maintenance of twin screw extruder:
1, twin screw extruder after use for a period of time to do a comprehensive inspection, check all screw loose state.
In the event of a power outage during production, the main transmission and heating stop. When the power supply is restored, each section of the cartridge must be reheated to a specified temperature and kept warm for a period of time before the extruder can be started.
3, 500 hours after the extruder is used, there will be iron chips or other impurities in the gearbox, so the gear should be washed and replaced with the gearbox lubricant.
4, if the instrument, pointer turned full, should check the thermocouple equilateral contact is good.
5, there is no debris in the material, metal and sand and other hard objects are forbidden to enter the Hopper and extruder.
6, when opening the cylinder cover or suction cover, carefully prevent foreign matter from falling into the host.
7, to have enough pre-heat heating time, the manual car should be light before driving. After reaching the process setting temperature, it should be constant temperature for 2 hours.
8, the screw is only allowed to start at low speed, idling time does not exceed 3 minutes.
The characteristics of the twin screw extruder:
1, the twin screw extruder adopts the block principle design, its screw configuration, cylindrical structure, long diameter ratio, the number of feed and exhaust positions, the mesh change and the cutting method, The automatic control mode of the electrometer can be adjusted and optimized according to the changes in the material system and process requirements, so as to achieve a wide range of multifunctional, multipurpose versatility and adaptability to specific requirements.
2, the basic screw element is a full-mesh conjugate type, using a computer accurate design, with excellent self-cleaning and arbitrary interchangeability. With the help of more than ten years of experience and software technology in the design of screw configuration, various functions and processes such as conveying plasticization, mixing and mixing, shearing dispersion, homogenizing, exhaust extraction, and pressure extrusion can be efficiently realized as required. In view of the endless new materials and processes of polymer, various new screw components and combinations are continuously introduced accordingly.
3, the main screw element and the core shaft connection adopts the involute spline form that synchronizes with the international level, fully exploiting the potential of the limited structure space, taking into account the realization of higher working torque and larger screw working volume.
4, depending on the different materials technology and use requirements, to provide users at all levels with a wider choice.
5, new torque distribution transmission device, strengthen the design safety margin, high-precision hard tooth grinding processing, key bearings all imported, lubrication system interlock protection, pursue higher reliability.
6, a variety of forms of metering materials structure and system, single screw, twin screw, hollow spring, meshing and non-meshing, etc., can cover the adaptation of various materials.
7, the twin screw extruder has a unique granulation system, water-cooled pulley, air-cooled pulley, air-cooled mold, water-ring mold, eccentric water mist hot grain and underwater mold, etc.. Recommended for use.
8, conventional twin screw extruder material for high-quality nitride steel surface nitriding treatment, can be qualified for most of the work requirements. Special materials, can be selected to provide appropriate corrosion resistance, wear resistance or wear resistance and other special materials and treatment methods.
9, low vibration, low noise, the entire machine can be installed without foundation, placed on the ground can be flat, reduce the requirements for the site and installation, more convenient to use.