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Puffed Cereal Production Performance
Nov 23, 2016

First, the product quality: products by boiling for 4 minutes to eat, do not paste soup, constantly and taste good.

Second, low-energy-saving: steam for 3 minutes before, automatic continuous low-pressure steam fans after only 10 minutes.

Third, efficient automatic: 8-hour shift producing 4 tons of instant noodles only operator 14~16 people (excluding packaging staff).

IV, wide adaptability: also suitable for instant sweet potato vermicelli, instant corn starch vermicelli, instant mungbean vermicelli.

V, high yield: each stage of production lines of automatic continuous feed access, combined with automated quantitative cut off, auto assignment into the box of baking to avoid the traditional process in the production process serious, "scattered, chaotic, broken, broken, down" and led to wastage of the phenomenon.

VI, health and environmental protection through pipes, tanks, buckets, belts, boxes and other processes automatically realized from the raw material (starch or rice) products (instant noodles) continuous automatic control of the whole production process, overcomes traditional processing techniques in the "static age" or even "overnight age" process leading to fans of enzymatic Rancidity.